Pause.Breath.Feel (Update)

A big thanks to Dr. Ngo for sharing her story with us.

1. How has your life changed since the COVID-19 pandemic? In a work sense, it's been pretty harsh considering the flow of psychiatric patients being treated has increased lately. In a personal sense, it was depressing at first, until I started getting into new, different hobbies and created a small business. The pandemic has made me a lot more germophobic than before, and now I don't go out very often. At least now, I'm able to watch over my older members of the family whenever I'm home and hone my cooking skills too.

2. Do you have any lessons that you learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that you would like to share? I've learned to make the most of your times with friends, family, and yourself. I never realized how much time I had to learn new things and grow independently. One can't just wallow in their emotions forever, so why not explore new things by yourself or with friends and family together? Regardless if you're on social media a lot or not, I've learned also to turn away from social media every once in a while. Everyone's practically in the same situation as everyone else and turning off your phone or computer for a good chunk of the day or so can really help see and experience things in the present.

3. Do you have any new hobbies, or did you learn new skills etc.? One new hobby I've gotten into is sewing hand warmer stress dolls. Because I've been doing this so much earlier in the year and gained so much high demand for them from friends and acquaintances, it made me want to create my own business (My shop is on Etsy known as HeartFelt by Miwi by the way)! Part of it was to help booth mental health and well-being during this crazy year. I've gotten more into PC games and started picking up Korean as a new language to learn also. Lastly, I've gotten a lot more innovative in my cooking skills and got my mom trying to make new foods and stress dolls too!

Remember to pause, breath and feel. Feel free to share your stories with us.