2018 End of Year Banquet

OCCHA celebrated a successful year of small and big achievements in helping the community. We ventured into giving free health screenings, fundraising essential items for the less fortunate as well as hosting educational workshop for immigrant students. Looking forward to 2019, OCCHA will continue to grow in size and spread our services to a bigger community. We will be affiliated with more organizations and hope to receive all the support from you. Thank you to all our knowledgeable advisers, dedicated board members, and enthusiastic volunteers. OCCHA kỷ niệm một năm thành công với những thành tựu lớn nhỏ trong việc giúp đỡ cộng đồng. OCCHA đã tổ chức các buổi kiểm tra sức khỏe miễn phí và

Fountain Valley, CA 92708, USA